1. Open the Mango Connect app on your iPhone.

  2. Log in with your Mango Display account

  3. Tap on your display from the list shown in the next screen

  4. Tap on 'Health' in the next screen and then on 'Apple Health'.

  5. In your browser log back into Mango Display, you will see your Apple Health widgets show up under 'Apple Health' in your 'Health' widget.

  6. Tap on the 'target icon' on health widget you want to set goals for, in the example below, we will do it for 'Steps'

  7. In the pop-up screen, enter the goal value that you want to use, and click 'save'

  8. Click 'save' and the pop-up will close.

  9. To choose your achievement emojis that will show up on you display graphs. Click on the appropriate emoji.

  10. In the next screen, you can click the existing emoji and choose any other one that you want.

  11. Click on 'Save'.

  12. When taken back to the previous screen, tap on 'Save' on the top right.

  13. Done. Your changes will now be reflected on your display!

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