1. Download Mango Display App from the Android/Google Play Store on your display device (Android TV, Android TV stick, Android Tablet).

  2. Open the Mango Display App, it will provide you with a 'Display Device Code'

  3. Visit app.mangodisplay.com on any browser (phone, tablet or computer). Register and log in.

  4. Once logged in. Click on 'Add New Display'

  5. In the next screen, select the Android App

  6. In the next screen, name your Mango Display (Living Room, Kitchen Android Tablet, etc.) and click 'Next'

  7. Enter the 'Display Device Code' that is displayed on your Mango Display App (Refer to step #2 above). Click Finish.

  8. Done! 🎉 Your Android display is now connected and the layout can be configured as needed.

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