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Connect your Apple iCloud Calendar
Connect your Apple iCloud Calendar
How to set up your Apple iCloud Calendar on Mango Display. Connect directly via your iCloud account or a public iCloud or Subscribed URL.
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  1. Log into your Mango Display account.

  2. Click on the display you'd like to edit.

3. Once you're on the display window, click the edit button on the calendar widget.

4. A window will pop up. Select 'Add Apple iCloud Calendar'.

5. In the next window you have two options

Option A: You can securely connect your apple iCloud Account to get all your calendars


Option B: Connect a specific iCloud Calendar URL directly.

Option B can also be used for any subscribed calendars that you'd like to add.

6. Review the steps outlined and enter the details accordingly and click 'connect' to add your calendar πŸŽ‰

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