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Adding an Image to your display
Adding an Image to your display
How to enable and configure your image widget
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  1. Log in to your account on

  2. Choose the display you want to edit.

  3. Click '+' on the lower right corner of your display to add a widget.

  4. Then choose 'Image'

  5. You have different options to choose from:

    a. Mango Backgrounds - images coming from the Mango Display gallery

    b. Unsplash - random images from with categories such as nature, animals, architecture, travel etc.

    c. Google photos - you can connect your google photos account

    d. Apple photos - enter an iCloud shared album link

    e. Single image URL - add a link from Dropbox, Google drive, website image etc.

  6. Once you've chosen your image, you can edit the image settings such as crop, brightness and transition then click 'save'!

*This is how your image widget would look like

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