Connect your FamilyWall Calendar

Display your FamilyWall calendar events on Mango. Here are the steps to connect your FamilyWall Calendar.

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In FamilyWall

  1. Go to the FamilyWall app

  2. Tap the Calendar section

  3. Tap the top right icon to access the calendar settings

  4. Tap the 1st Calendar with your Circle name and access the options

  5. Generate iCal and copy the link

In Mango Display

  1. Log into your Mango Display account.

  2. Click on the display you'd like to edit.

  3. Once you're on the display window, click the edit button on the calendar widget.

  4. A window will pop up. Select 'Add Calendar URL (iCal or ICS)'.

5. In the next screen, paste the FamilyWall URL that you copied, and click 'Connect'

6. Done! Your FamilyWall calendar is now connected.

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